Australian Bush Food Plants and Activity

Bush Food Plants 1 & Activity

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Badtjala Country
Fraser Coast


Bush Food Plants Book 1

This book includes photos and information about a variety of Bush Food Plants found in the Fraser Coast area.

The Fraser Coast is part of the traditional land and sea country of the Badtjala (Butchulla) people.

The book also includes some information about the ways these foods were used by Australia’s First Nations people of this area.

Some of the plants included are Scrambling Lily, Midgem Berry, Native Peanut Tree and Native Raspberry.

Activity Booklet / Sheets
The Activities include drawing, quizzes, colouring-in and word search based on information contained in the book.

Note: There are hard copies of the book available and a set of these would make a great addition to
the Library to be used with copies of the Activity Booklet/Sheets.